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Spezzatrice-Hi_Tech-Suprema_IAutomatic divider at multirows, suitable for the production of slices of bread (leavened and with high percentage of humidity) of different shapes and weight, with automatic loading for trays.

Technical features:
- Motorized feeding belt with antiback flow device.
- No.2 motorized flour dusters adjustable on the divider.
- Adjustable sheeting thickness from 8mm to 20 mm. 
- Interchangeable cutters at 4-5-6 knives by stainless steel Aisi 304.   
- Multirows spreading device (patented) . 
- Transversal cutting guillotine.
- Exit belt adjustable in height.
- Drawers for flour keeping. 
- Regulations and functions setting by PLC with display Lcd touch screen. 
- Machine by stainless steel Aisi 304.
- Assembled on wheels.
- Load voltage V 400 + N H2 50
- Loading on tow of trays cm 60x80, store 15 trays.
Size europallet: mm 3400 x 1200
Size crate: mm 3400 x 1200 x H 1800